Now is the time to head back to the pool

We begin to look forward to enjoying more of those all-time family favourite days by lakes, rivers and beaches, surfing, paddle boarding, taking the boat out, and weekends around the pool at home.

Who enjoys the Spring and Summer months as much as we do? The water is just right. It’s time to jump back in! But first let’s head back to the pool!

SWIMSAFER week focuses on providing water skills for life, which could also even save a life. The programme experience will ensure fun for everyone, while gaining vital water safety knowledge and skills to enjoy being in and around the water even more this summer.

SWIM It Forward

In 2022, 424 children participated in swimming lessons due to the generous donations made to the SWIM-It-Forward campaign.

SWIM Coaches & Teachers New Zealand continues the SWIM-It-Forward campaign in 2023.

Our research shows 43% of New Zealand children are not currently in lessons, with a major reason being affordability. 40% of surveyed parents stopped sending their kids to swimming lessons because of cost-of-living pressures in 2023.

Our aim is to help more children have this vital education. For just $20 (tax deductible), the average cost of one swimming lesson, you will be helping those most at risk of drowning. The more children in lessons, the lower the risk of drowning. Please help us out

Parent’s Resources

To help grow your water safety knowledge, we have created some great resources for you to use. Click on Parent Resources to find Emergency Action Plan, Beach Safety Tips and range of colouring and activity sheets for the kids.