Fun, safe, good for your health

Learning to swim has it all!



SCTNZ advocates for year-round swimming, knowing that learning and continuing to use vital water safety skills, as well as participating in the SWIMSAFER Week, will help kids become safer, smarter and stronger in the water, and gives them skills in their everyday lives.

Registered swim programmes will participate in the campaign and coordinate educational activities for students to gain vital water safety skills and confidence.

SWIM It Forward

As part of SWIMSAFER Week the SWIM-It-Forward campaign offers everyone the chance to financially support more Kiwis have swimming lessons.

Our research shows 43% of New Zealand children are not currently in lessons, with a major reason being affordability. 40% of surveyed parents stopped sending their kids to swimming lessons because of cost-of-living pressures in 2023.

Swimming lessons increase students’ knowledge, competence and confident to be safer in water while learning the lifetime skills of swimming well. Every swimming lesson includes water safety learnings.

Our aim is to help more children have this vital education. For just $20 (tax deductible), the average cost of one swimming lesson, you will be helping those most at risk of drowning. The more children in swim lessons, the lower the risk of drowning. Please help us by donating now.

We are asking Swim Schools and Swim Clubs to get behind the SWIM-It-Forward campaign and support this worthy cause. You can set up your own fundraiser goal, spread the word and start fundraising. Let's get more kids in the pool, learning how to swim and become water safer.

All you need to do is go to the SWIM-It-Forward project page and sign up. You will get your own fundraising sub-page where you can track your progress.